About Us

On Call Locksmiths is a family owned business that have started as an owner operated mobile locksmith and formed into a small business that is able to accept calls from all across Melbourne suburbs. For us, a locksmith isn’t just a trade, it’s a lifestyle. We place your security as our top priority.

As good security is much needed in our Melbourne suburbs, we update our products and locksmith Melbourne services daily in order to provide you with the best security products available on the market.

We do our best to keep our overhead low so we are able to offer more competitive prices without cutting back on the quality of the service. That is one of many reason our customers are using our services on regular basis.
We know feeling secured at your own home is your top priority and that’s why we came up with some cost effective ideas that can make your home much more secured at lower costs. Cheaper locksmiths service is our goal at a faster response time.